//Participation and training

The active involvement of all the relevant actors in the development of the project, such as the fishing industry and NGOs across the three Member States, is key to guarantee its success. They will therefore be engaged through several workshops to improve knowledge, exchange off experiences and awareness and to give legitimacy to the decisions made.

Sectorial Plan

Sectorial plan

Fostering participation and building a capacity plan focusing on the fishing sector is one of the main tasks of the CetAMBICion project.

This plan aims to assure that the fishing sector receives information about the project and its results, while ensuring its participation. In addition, it will be possible to reinforce its knowledge and build up capacities concerning the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and its implementation in the three Member States involved in the proposal, particularly in what concerns cetaceans.

As such, this document gathers the relevant actors and publics that the actions and workshops are mainly aimed at, namely the fishing sector and administration agents related to the fisheries and marine environment. Moreover, to harmonise the different actions to be organised in each country, the Sectorial Plan also includes a proposal of contents to deal with and a battery of messages to reinforce during the workshops. 

Finally, in order to measure the impact of the plan, it is projected to monitor certain aspects, such as the number of participants or the press reviews disseminated on media.

Workshops with the fishing sector

The project has carried out workshops in Portugal, France and Spain where the existing problems resulting from the interactions between fishing activities and cetaceans in the Bay of Biscay were addressed.

They functioned as an open space for the different actors to exchange experiences and knowledge and dialogue on possible mechanisms and solutions adaptable to each national fishing reality to mitigate bycatch.

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